5/12/2021 Hey there! Still trying to get #2 finished up and ready to print, but work has started on the art for Versonauts #1! It is going to be epic! Cons have started to get scheduled again and we are ready to meet everyone! Right now, we have Powerhouse Comic Con in October and Cal Republic Comic Con in September! Stop by and say hi! Hopefully, we’ll have a few books for you all there! Keep safe and see you soon!

4/19/2021 Hello everyone! Baylandia #2 is almost here… after a lot of digging and work, we are ready to put this one to bed. It should go to print next week and, hopefully, we should get the physical copies back by late May! Free comic book day is scheduled for August 14, 2021… hopefully, we will be doing something cool for that day. Check back to find out what. Hopefully, we will all be at some Cons very soon! Once we are all vaxxed up, we can’t wait to see everyone. Maybe, it’s finally close to an end for the pandemic. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all in person this year sometime.

8/26/2020 The lockdown hit us hard, but we are ready to crawl out of the hole and get back to making comics! Baylandia #2 got put on hold, but will begin to move toward completion in September. Sorry it is an Annual book i guess…lol. Other books will be coming along shortly, as Natural 5 has been sitting for a while ready to roll out, and all of our Con appearances have been rescheduled for 2021. We hope everyone out there has been able to keep safe from the fires in our area! We are all ready for 2020 to be over with. We hope to be able to see you all very soon, in person! 2021!

4/25/2020 Obviously, we will not be appearing anywhere for a while. We are, like most in California, staying indoors. There will be new books comings soon! Natural 5 is almost ready and as soon as printers get going, that spectacular first issue will be released! Baylandia #2 is being drawn right now, and, hopefully, will be out in June. We hope everyone is being safe and we REALLY can’t wait to see you all in person again.

3/8/2020 We will be appearing at King Kong Comics in Pleasanton, CA for Free Comic Book Day! That’s Saturday, May 2, 2020! Come out for some free comics and to meet the Volt Age Crew! We’ll see you there!

01/29/2020: We will be appearing at Powerhouse Comic Con in Pleasanton, CA on July 26th, 2020, AND will be appearing at California Republic Comic Con in Merced, CA on September 12, 2020! Check back later for Table numbers!!

01/19/2020: We have been interviewed by !!!! Check it out and then buy Baylandia #1!!

01/06/2020: HELLO! The biggest news of 2020 so far… we are live! Volt Age Comics is here, and the year 2020 is looking to be an amazing time for us. Keep watching this site for updates on all the titles coming soon! Thanks to everyone who has helped us bring our little publishing dream to life. We tell stories through words AND pictures! Here’s to the new year! Please check out Baylandia #1 available for purchase on the Merchandise tab!